I am not flawless

I am not the clear cut image, of those magazine covers

I am not the man with rock hard abs or body every women wants

I am not flawless 


I am a sinner and a wreck

I am the person everyone looks at and walks away 

I am the person they judge on the outside, instead of my inside

I am not flawless


But if you look past my outside, and push away the apperance

You will find that I am Flawless

In the eye's of the pure and wise


When you get to know me, I will open your eye's

I will write you the poem that tells you what I see

The poem that states

You are Flawless.


You smile that smile from ear to ear

The laugh that makes your whole body shake

That dance you do, when you are alone

And the memories fly

That make you Flawless


I am not Flawless on the outside

But once you get to know me

Everyone will become Flawless

Even the one's who judged you wrong.


Stay Flawless was the word's she said

But all I could think and say

Was don't worry about me

Because one day 

We will be Flawless.



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