I am flawless.


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In my flaws,

You might just find that I am actually flawless.

The acne that sometimes bothers my face

Is my body’s way of warning me that I’ve started an unclean habit.

The split ends in my hair

Show me that it’s time to get rid of dead weight in my life.

My respiratory system sick with asthma

Reminds me how precious breathing really is.

The excess fat on my belly

Is proof that I have enough to eat.

I am thankful for the parts of me that are not defined as perfect.

I am thankful that each of these flaws makes up a flawless body.

All of my angles that do not seem to align correctly,

And all of my curves of different sizes,

And all of my edges that never line up

Are what makes me a unique individual,

Never to be repeated again.

The very existence of this body is a miracle.

My presence is a gift.

And I

Am flawless.



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