I Am A Filmmaker

I’m a filmmaker

My mind is a bullpen seething with mischief.

I know I can adventure into places unknown with my camera.

Which is why

I’m a pest, by the very nature of this camera in my hands.

I look suspicious so the pigs show up to check me out.

Usually I’m doing nothing wrong,

unless my film is “morally wrong” and my teacher

heaven forbid

Can’t put his name on MY video.

I’m the only dictator of America.

I show the real us;

The thing we arent is what we say we should be,

so I have to show ourselves lying in lies.

Some say that isn’t fair, that I “have no right!”

What is fair now?

To be fair isn’t enough any more. We must be ferociously fair.

Feminists fighting for fairness

And those who strive for it aren’t stupid. Except


The ones who think I can’t film a woman without also having to film a man.

Can’t we have our spotlight without including you?

For that very reason I will make films of women who are stronger than any man


You see. The trouble with me is that I am a vindictive old shanty-Irish bitch.

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