I am an explorerIn this

I am an explorer

In this deep, dark world

A mere visitor

For the time being

At least,

Until I have to breathe again.

For now,

I gaze upon the coral reefs

The miles of white sand

That stretches on


Into uncharted waters

And upon all of the unfamiliar residents

Who call this their home.

Sleek fish move swiftly past me

Like birds in an endless sky

While I move 



Through the deep blue

I feel 


Yet under constant pressure.

I part the water with cupped hands

And turn to see the sun

Shinning through the breaking waves above me

A pod of dolphins comes into view

As I continue to paddle my own fins.

They seamlessly slip 

Over and under one another

Gliding together

As though in an underwater ballet.

The chatter and play

While I drift by.

I can’t tell if they don’t notice me

Or if they accept me as one of their surroundings;

The unlikely visitor

And the unfamiliar inhabitants

Swimming together

In a moment of peace.



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