I Am Empowered

You look upon my skin with disgust

Yet you spend hours of your life darkening your skin by the sun

Why do you risk cancer to look like me?

How is it different when you are browned?


You stare at my weave with disapproval

But your “extensions” were purchased at the same store

Why is it that it’s okay for you to hate on my culture?

How is it different when you buy your hair?


You complain about my culture’s black history month

Yet I sit in class and learn about your history everyday

Why is it that the only history lesson I received about my culture is that we were slaves?

How is it wrong for me to want to learn about my history?


You tease me about the fullness of my lips

But you undergo injections to enlarge yours

Why is it that when you pay money for yours it is beautiful?

How can you belittle my lips when mine are natural?


You call me thug, dense, ghetto  

Yet you have never met me

Why do you group me into a race?

How is it that you refuse to believe that I am NOT my race?


This poem is about: 
My community


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