I am Dr.McKenzie



   I I   

I am Azariah Mckenzie

I am Sojourner Truth

I am Wilma Rudolph

I am Fannie Lou Hamer

I am Gwendolyn Brooks

I am Mary McLeod Bethune

I am Mae Jemison

I am the one who help free slaves

I am the 1st American Women to win 3 gold medals in the Olympics despite having a paralyzed leg from polio as a child

I am an educator who believes in equality

I am the 1st African America to win Pulitzer Prize and the former poet laureate in Illinois

I am founder of Bethune-Cookman College who believes education is the primary rout for equality

I am the 1st African American astronaut

I am Dr.McKenzie

I will beat the statistics

I will beat the people who doubted me

I will beat the system

I will make a difference

I will be a successful woman

I will go to college

I will put value into what my ancestors did for me

I will not be overpowered

I will not kowtow

I will be Dr. McKenzie


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