I Am Done, Giving Up


United States
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With every ounce of my being I adore you.

I see more of you in me than anyone else.

You are my best friend, my role model, my mother.

Since the day I was born you were the one I could count on.

Today is the day I Give Up On You.

Five months have past since I last saw your face,

And years since I last saw You.

You've cried victim, misfortune, and fate,

But your choices are yours, and they are not by mistake.

I cannot chage you, just love you.

I cannot help you, just wait

for you to change your mind

and Come Home.

But you will not

because you cannot remember where that is.

With Us.

So today is the day I give up on you, because

I Am Done Giving Up On Myself.

I will not trade my happiness

for products of worry.

I will not become you.

I will always love you,

always hope.

But I am taking my mind back

from the pain that you've caused

and doing my best to move on.

So today is the day I Give Up On You,

until you Stop Giving Up On Yourself.


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