(I am) Domestic Violence


Your child’s view of family is distorted.

You can blame me for that.

Your bruises, your cries

Your silent screams at night

Attempts or plans to run away

That somehow never follow through…

I’ve done this to you.


He blames you for his anger,

Smashes his bottle against the floor

Pulls you by your hair

You scream,

“Please don’t hurt me anymore”


Can’t you see I am what ruins you?

Taking away your innocence,

Your hopes, your dreams

This is much more than a bad relationship,

I am your misery.


“Cover yourself with makeup”,

“Wear this, not that”

He says.

I play apart in everything you do,

I’m always running through your head.


I drag you down,

I beat you up

and abuse you every chance he gets.

Such a terrible thing, to such an innocent girl,

I am domestic violence.

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