I Am Determined

I had a dream when I was three

Of flying a plane being wild and free

And even now my goal is to be

A cadet in the Air Force Acadmy.

I've always thought jets were pretty cool

But now I think they realy rule

I can't wait till I'm up in the sky

And flyng around in an F-35.

When I was twelve my dream really awakened

With the Cil Air Patrol, and I was instantly taken

 the military clothes and the military way

People acted in the auxliary of the Air Force Academy.

I joined; I worked hard and  worked my way up

I was determined to reach the highest level; my gold cup

The Spatz Award; but did you know

It takes about three years or so

I was determined, worked hard, and did my best

And once I did that, then came the rest

I got to  the Spaaz when I was barely 16

the 1914th person to ever achieve.

I had a goal and I did not change it

I pressed on forward and I actually made it.

Being determined has helped me to be

In a position to reach my dream

and very soon now I hope to be

A cadet in the Air Force Academy

And as I had hoped for when I was three,

I'll be flying in the air, wild and free.





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