I Am Curly

I Am Curly


Does the very nature of my curls explain the very kinks of my personality?

Of course it doesn't

Of course it doesn't matter if my hair is short or long because "you look like a boy"

Of course my curls don't change you thoughts about me

I am curly, curvy, curious to know whether or not I should go outside today

To go outside is to be judged by my curls my curves, my nerves are flying out the roof

Of course I'll be fine, my hair, my curls, don't define me

Am I to be judged by my hair, or by my heart, my soul, my intentions?

Of course, my heart, my soul, my intentions, only if my hair was gone

Then you would judge my my lack, my lack of what? Hair? Happiness? Beauty?

Am I defined by my hair? My curls? 


Of course I am


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