I Am .. Crossing Poverty's Line

Fri, 09/25/2015 - 19:54 -- Tymoni

Hey, the middle class is diminishing… no seriously, the middle class is ... diminishing … LOOK the middle class is DIMINISHING! SO! I am a part of a family of one mother, one grandparent, three brothers, and then along comes me. Do I eat at night? Am I too dark or too light? What does my nationality have to do with if I can eat … TOnight? How can you sit and waste food when you know there are too many starving? I am not starving but I am crying, dying for you to see that I still am qualified as poverty. I am poor, I am African-American and seriously I am out of fucks to give about being poor! I don’t want to jump from poor to rich; I just want the middle class to STOP di-min-ish-ing. Where are you going?! How DARE you leave us in this state! Why can’t AMERICA start money over, everybody gets a fresh slate. Why can’t the world start over? When did money become so damn important? When was the reproduction of life within a woman’s body looked at as hate? How do YOU look in a child’s eyes and tell them lies about being born to a place that watches them suffer? That is why if I ever see the President I swear I will cry and then with all the power in me muster, “I am crossing poverty’s line. He has kept me down enough. Yes, I am crossing poverty’s line and I’ll see to it of poverty’s demise and I am not one to bluff. I AM crossing poverty’s line, you did it and didn’t believe in me. So when I cross this barbed wire I will make sure you are required to see.”

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country


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