I am climbing this tower.


I am climbing this tower.

Take a moment, to see this as an obstacle.

My obstacle is getting to the goals in my life.

I am climbing this tower, through every wall that stands infront of me. 

I climb, I run, I jump, and I continue.

Mentally, I am afraid of failure. The thought lurks the dark sides of my brain.

Agonizing pain, I gain, by imagining myself to be someone I don't want to become.

I am climbing this tower..

All the experiences, the good and bad. All so meaningful, so important and special to you and just you.

As any tower, there are pillars that stand below it to help it stand. 

My pillars are some that can be the same as anyone elses. My family, my dreams, my ambition to succeed. 

I am climbing this tower. 

I am climbing this tower..


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