I Am A Child

Sun, 05/14/2017 - 20:23 -- Eli47

I am a child born into the space

Forced to live a life style without escape

Following what I am told to do and not to do

Social expectations on what’s jank and what’s cool

Mom feeds me, slaving in the kitchen

As my father is a game that is limited edition

I walk the streets, clean, and at 13 get mugged

I black out and have a dream of when my mom was young


I am a child, straight A’s and movies dates seems nice

Being a Sophomore girl with the body of a woman has its price  

4.0 GPA and his intentions can’t be found in my mind

Even with a ruler my thoughts don’t seem to fall in line

He gets me alone and takes something I can never get back

I was running my life but now he tossed me on a new track

I thought it was good and now it’s not fun

Hoping for a new life in the span of 9 months

I worry and worry stay awake all night

Wondering how he felt maybe it wasn’t out of spite


I am a child, raised into a burning fire

The flames of reality aid the liars

Mother deceased; father dead to the streets

Balancing on the curb, the grave of the debt to meet

Attacked by sharks, the water floods my eyes

I am now used to being left without goodbyes  

the Funeral is small and payments are paid

In dark clothes I ponder where this life was made


I am a child lying across the bed

My parents speak to me, cold and knots within head

The dogs outside bark out commands

The hose spray back as if they understand

Kisses on my forehead as I get my last glimpse

King and queen of the castle gone, I am the lone prince

Death from safety, security in the skin

As an actor in the darkness, I can not pretend

I live through my life with fainting fates in mind

Hoping, wishing, and praying for a better time.


I am a child I have two parents

My siblings do chores and they run errands

I am decent in school average participation

Just another number to the younger generation

I live a normal life with little up and down

A small life with big dreams in this tiny town

hoping I grow up to be famous rich and strong

But still wondering if my childhood went wrong

I live in a world strange and wild  

As I am still learning. I know. I am still a child.



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