I Am A Champion

I am a champion.
I don't fear the word fail, because failure isn't acceptable,
I don't fear the word enemy, because my enemy is just an obstacle,
I don't fear the word pain, because my pain will soon end
I don't fear fear itself, because fear is my friend,

I am a champion
I was not made to fear, but to be feared,
I was made to conquer, and not be conquered

I am a champion.
Like fire I will burn bright, and overcome all that I see
Like fire I will spread my light, and stun people when they witness what I can be

I am champion.
If my foes question what I can obtain,
I will laugh at them as if they were insane,
For they have already lost from the start,
By the will of my own heart,
And when I walk out in total victory,
I will tell them rather confidently

That I Am A Champion

This poem is about: 
My family


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