I Am The Catalyst


I write because I need to expel the thousands of words waltzing in my head.

I write because I have so many stories that are shouting to be read.

I write because I am taken into a world where nothing is impossible.

When I write, death has no permanent power.

When I write love prevails over everything else.

When I write my characters potentials are not limited.  

My thoughts bounce through the stories unfolding.

To grasp the ideas is like trying to grab the wind.

To make a story live is like trying to control fire.

The tale has a will of its own; emerging when it’s ready.

And they’re about to take flight.

They are at the edge of my pen.

The forms of their shadows are cast on the ink.

Phantom characters dance under the soft gold rays of the lamp.

They tease me in my sleep, the follow me in my dreams.

They sing to me the songs of the unwritten.

They whisper of fighting warriors and iron wills

They coax my subconscious to reflect their appearance.

They tell me who they are, what they want, whom they love.

They divulge their strengths and their flaws.

Their stories go on, never ending in my mind.

Like a silver lullaby of a sea siren

They lure out the words on exquisite wings.

Because they are unwritten, they continue to sing.

They coax, and whisper, telling me to write

Asking me to be their voice, to be spoken in the universe

For by my pen they exist, and for their words I live

A beat, a pulse, they are fire my veins

Sparking my blood, shifting my sight

They are the change and I am the catalyst. 


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