I Am Brilliance

You've never met anyone as brilliant as me.
A star shining so bright, I trigger epilepsy.
See-Be-Me...You CANT!
I float like a butterfly sting like a bee
Roots thick as a trees
Haunting your dreams
In EVERY Fantasy
An ever-so-present memory...
From me you CANNOT flee.

Flee or Be Free,
Free ME?

I represent the freedom of expression
Unconcerned with the aspect of acceptation,
I fear no rejection!
Recession is just a matter of perception,
Regression NEEDS acceptance!
And I wont give in...


I told you I was brilliant.
My shoulders, like boulders remain unmoved
Though the weight of the world leaves me tattered and bruised
I'll stay true.

True to my cause
True to my thoughts
FLAUNTING my flaws,
I'll hold my head high.

I'll walk with pride
REFUSING to hide
the dignity IN-side,

My heart, AND my mind.

The very being of my existence
Andrea Monique Keeton


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