I Am A Boy

Wed, 09/23/2015 - 17:09 -- Madia98

I will not stand this any longer

I will not allow my sex to define who I am

I will not let them tell me who I am

I am a boy


I will not wear your dresses

I will not do it for events

I will not even look at one without disgust

I am a boy


I will not let you call me that name

I will not let you use the word she

I will not wear a dress to prom

I am a boy


I will not be the woman I thought I would be

I will not allow my voice to define me

I will not let my breasts define me

I’m going to be the man I wish I was


I will push through the wall

I will make them see that it is all legit

I will make them realize it’s not a phase

I am a boy and they’ll just have to accept it


I have a future ahead of me

And I will not let you define who I am

Simply based on the body I was born with

I need you to base it on who I am


And who I am is a boy

A boy who cares for other

A boy who wants to make a difference

A boy with a bright future ahead without turning back


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