I was born 1996, an African American,

Bore the blood of my ancestors, in my veins inheriting,

The trait of beautiful mahogany brown skin,

And the blessing to flaunt the skin that I am in,

Passed down to me their passion for music, culture, and art,

Their love for dance and the love they share from the purest of hearts,

Today I honor them for my freedom their lives they gave,

As they continue to watch over us from their dearing grave,

When I grow up with drive and ambition,

Like Madame CJ Walker, I could change the world with my invention,

I could move the souls of people with my words of great meaning,

Like Martin Luther King Jr. who had a dream but I'm still dreaming,

I could make a status quo that'll stick with the world,

By any means necessary next to Malcom X, I would be the first girl,

Or I could start a movement like the bus boycott,

Started by Rosa Parks who wouldnt give up her spot,

Maybe I can start a group like the NAACP,

Fighting for the rights of the voices who aren't heard in society,

Possible isn't in my vocabulary because the possibilities are endless,

Due to my ancestors who showed me not to fight but proudly hold up a balled fist,

And to fight them verbally, not physically like the savages they expect you to,

Fight them mentally, morally about the the cries that aren't heard and the deaths that dont make it to the news,

To take a stand in this world and leave my legacy,

Because I AM the next generation, I AM BLACK HISTORY




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