I Am Beautiful


I am beautiful.

From the roots of my hair to the soles of my feet. 

From the way my hips sway to the way a smile creeps upon my face.

I am beautiful no matter what all these other people say.


I am like a flower in the middle of a desert or a butterfly flapping its wings in the rain.

I am beautiful like the shining sun on a wonderul, clear day.

I am like the icing on that homemade cake that your grandma just made.

I am beautiful despite what all these haters think or say.


I am beautiful like the rainbow that shows itself after a sad,gloomy day or like the music you

play when you want to sing your sadness away.

I am like that forbidden piece of candy that your momma told you not to touch.

I am beautiful enough that I don't need my photos touched up. 


I am beautiful even with the flaws that I have.

I consider myself the fairest in the land.

As I look at myself in the mirror each and everyday I say to myself girl stop crying these 

people aren't worth your tears anyway.


I am beautiful. I am flawed. Even with flaws I am still the most flawless of them all.

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