I Am Awesome

For months every day was a struggle

Just getting out of bed was too hard to juggle

On top of that I had work, school, and life

Depression was killing me like my own personal knife


I cried and I cried and my parents worried

But little did they know my life felt so hurried

By the age of 16 I was already ready to die

Isn’t that a positive motto to live my life by?


But one morning, I got out of bed the right way

And by some miracle I started to have a good day

The bad one’s still came but they got fewer and fewer

For once in my life I had never felt newer


After making a 360 recovery in just a few weeks

I began my work of preaching from a heart that just speaks

Optimism, positive thoughts, and living a full life, too

Life is an opportunity to simply be you


I have never been as happy as I am now

It took months of sadness and I’m not quite sure how

But after my struggle I was able to blossom

And finally think to myself, “Hey, I am awesome.”


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