I Am Artist

Mind consumed by thoughts of


She is me and I am she, two in one we are

the same, now.

Inseparable entities are my character and me,

I have learned the art of empathy

stepping on the path trodden by another's feet.

She is Antigone

and she has lived for centuries.

Her words spoken by countless hard-headed women through the ages

Her legacy lives on

In me.

I am one of many who have worn the stubborn aura of destiny

life lived fully and love given freely

She is an entity that will forever be, living on

in the quiet cavern of an actress' memory.

For a glimpse, a second, a moment in eternity

I step into the storyline, the long history

that is Antigone.

This is why I cannot get away

cannot be ashamed by my voice, what I have to say

because on the stage, my body; my lips

my actions become history.

Part of a storyline am I,

One who changes all of society.

It is in our pencils and pens

in our paper and words

in our stories that we shape, form, mold


Agents of change, we

are Artists.

Forerunners of what is to be, the precursors of history in the making

I will make art my weapon, I wield it with discretion

Aware, always

That by writing, speaking, moving

by telling stories, stepping into history, staring at eternity

by partnering with generations past in moments of today

by becoming the work of Sophocles, the timeless beauty of Antigone


I am a shaper

of humanity.

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