I Am Among

I am among the unseen

And you are the light that stands before me.

As I close my eyes to sense it,

But it never reaches me.

I am among the unheard

And you are the voice that echoes so faintly.

As I stay still to hear it,

But it passes through me.

I am among the unfelt

And you are the touch that trickles so softly.

As I reach out to feel it,

But it never meets me.

I am among the uncared

And you are the love that rains over me.

As I pray to receive it,

But it fades before me.


Enigmatic Pariah

Very beautifully written, poem. I like the juxtaposition contained within each

quatrain of your poem, as well as the rhythm of the poem itself. The sentiment

of being imperceptible, and obscured, I'm sure, is one that many can relate with. 

The lovelorn sentiment is very strong and well rendered, as well: the way you

characterize love as a glimmer of hope, vanquished by the darkness of reality, is 

done effectively.


Do so at your own discretion, but if you could spare a moment, could you check

out one of my poems? I'd suggest, "The problems with humanity," it's the work

I'm most proud of, currently. I'd love any constructive criticism I can get. Thank you.

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