I am alone

In the wind of despair,

my soul flies free.

Forever lost in the pit,

a maze becomes my heart.

“I am alone.”


Love never finding its way,

Will I choose myself or stay?

Will I lose myself all together,

Or will my guide find me this day?

“I am alone.”


This feeling at this moment,

My frozen heart bleeds.

Emotions trapped in ice,

As my words are never spoken.

“I am alone.”


Breathing seems hard now,

My heart is racing fast.

I remember a face,

An image of the past.

“I am alone.”


I know it’s forbidden,

Due to my rules.

What was broken,

Was the love of a fool.

“I am alone.”


The words unspoken,

Create trails of tears.

Lost memories remain,

Trapped inside this maze.

“I am alone.”

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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