I am Alive

I am a living computer

I survive on electricity

I read sound waves and light waves

I have motion sensors, proximity sensors, and heat sensors installed

I can analyze chemicals, airborne and otherwise

I am held together by wires

They connect all my sensors

Make me a functional machine

And yet...there's more

So much more that a simple machine does not have

Emotion: I cannot live without emotion

Sighs and tears and laughter and love

I would not be the same without them

It would be easy to lie, to kill, to bleed, without them

But it is not

I cannot without the pain

Pain is what makes us real

Without consciousness, we feel no pain

We trudge through life

No cares, no worries, no smiles, no pain

Nothing to keep us coming Home, to the same materials, same machines, day after day

And what is a day but the movement of a line around a circle

Time is nothing but a number

Light and dark are nothing

Sunsets and sunrises; no one cares

But I care

Because I am more than a ticking machine

I am Alive


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