I am alive

I am a bundle of emotions as i plan new adventures,

roller coasters, new cultures, new subjects, a variety of food,

feeling my spirit awakened by my stimulated senses

is what makes me feel alive.


Routine is boring, i prefer freedom,

freedom to choose my path,

follow my dreams is happiness,

as i learn more about my passions.


Can't be blind-folded,

money is power but it is social construct,

don't let myself be fooled and forget

about the essentials,

love, goals, dreams, and happiness.


I am alive once again,

because i risk it all for a dynamic environment,

where i learn everday as i experience,

where i find myself and discover my strenghts and weaknesess.


As Pablo Neruda once stated,

"Being alive requires an effort far greater

than the simple fact of breating",

which made me pause the clock and question myself,

don't we only get one chance to live?














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