I Am an Adult

Wed, 06/12/2019 - 13:47 -- Julia_C

I knew I was an adult when I was a child.

I made dinner by myself after being told assistance would be provided.

Their argument outside was wild,

Their voices heated and passions ignited.


No one ate with me, I was alone

I cleaned up the mess from the dishes after being asked to

Yet I wasn't shown

Exactly what it is I was supposed to do


I knew I was an adult when I was a child.

My mother stared out a window as I called her name

And inside my mind I filed

The notion that things were not the same.


I must cook in her place, do her laundry too

I must never show myself true

I can never be any shade of blue

I am no longer a part of the crew.


I am the adult, the mother, the father.

I am the chef, the maid, the servant.

I remember those moments farther

Than I could ever remember them being worth it.

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