I Am From...

I Am Vanessa Serrano,

surrounded by wannabes, inequality, and hypocrisy.

Losing my Mexican roots to white culture.

From being too “white” to being to “mexican”

and no inbetween.


I stare at myself, blinded by my inner struggles,

trying to see the women I aspire to be.

Grief, lingering my body like the taste of bitter wine.

Still learning how to deal with the tang.

Caring about the world and society around me,

while others, too oblivious to care.


I am Mexican, though I’d like to think I am.

Mexican-Spanish blood running through my veins.

Knowing that there’s a part of my history and culture missing,

throughout the years, feeling incomplete.

Learning that my family went from having everything,

to nothing, to their wildest dreams coming true

in a country where they did not belong.


This poem is about: 
My community


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