I am

People see me as the girl with a happy family,

living in a great big house having breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday.

But I am not that girl.

In reality my life is the total opposite.

I don't live with my parents, instead,

I share a 3 bedroom,1 bathroom welfare house with 11 people.

I am one of those 11.

My dad is a disappointment that I care not to speak with and

My mom and I are seperated by this long dessert plain and when

The distance gets hard, we cause a storm.

I am no longer strong.

The dessert will no longer be dry it will become moist and wet like the

Tears in my eyes, and the scenery at home doesn't help it causes

My tears to pour with all the troubles in my house.

I am becoming weak.

But my house will never feel like home.

It is just a place where I sleep.

I am homeless.

The pain I go through I leave at that house everyday before I walk to school.

I am unhappy.

I become positive and put up a wall of happiness that no one realizes is an act.

This is my day to day life.

I am tired.

I do not let these troubles harm my work ethics.

My future will be greater than my past and present combined.

For now,

I am not myself.

But in the future I will surely be,




This poem is about: 
My family


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