I Am


United States
40° 0' 45.162" N, 75° 8' 55.3236" W

I am "normal"

I am "fine"

I am plain

I am kind

I am "cool"

And I am nice

I can give you some advice.


I am not normal

I will not conform

I will be my own person

Regardless of the norm. 

I will stand tall

And I will stand proud

I will stand out in the crowd.


I am unique

I am smart

I am tough

I have heart

I am fearless

I am strong

I believe in fighting for what's wrong.


I will not give up

I will not give in

I will fight

Until I win

I don't care what they say

I try to be the best I can be

Because above all

I am me


This poem is about: 
Our world


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