I Am

I am...
A summer breeze,
Cool and collected flowing over the ocean.
A quite storm before dusk, waiting to rage against the world.
Quite as a mouse around others, yet loud as a thunder storm around loved ones.
I am..
An unfinished book, going from one chapter of life to another.
Not quite sure how to finish my story,
Waiting with baited breath and a pen in my hand to fill the blank pages in my life.
I am...
Waiting to find out what I'll become,
Hoping my future is bright with promise,
Yet praying it won't end in failure.
I am...
A driven student when I put the effort in, yet a lazy cat sitting in the sun,
Basking in the glow of what my future holds.
Deciding and looking forward to what life offers up,
Knowing nothing falls in my lap without work.
I am...
A struggling writer , student, daughter
Hoping I'll get better ,
Working harder than ever in life.
I am...
An angry person,
Who is small,
In a world of big problems
Learning to cope
With things going on in life.
I am...
A young woman,
Starting to find her place in the world
Learning to except things as they come
As the end,
The same as the beginning.
I realize,

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