I Am

Wed, 07/15/2015 - 12:59 -- MG
I am always late,
Never early, but didn't I say to wait?
I am a dreamer who dreams about the future,
Definitely nothing less than what I'm having for dinner.
I am stuck in a day by day routine, 
One day I plan to magically turn it into a butterfly so I can stomp on it until I'm satisfied but then again,
that's too mean.
I'm someone who believes in happily ever afters,
but never once thought of it ever happening to me
Because of this reality
Which is a curse.
I am a pinkswear promise keeper,
No mater how silly it sounds
it's a form 
Of a trust seeker. 
I am an expectation that in set on low,
So I will be able to accept
The truth and not at all
Feel low.
I am selfish when it comes to what I'm feeling,
It's kept in a box with a lock 
That can only be opened with a soul
that is singing. 
I am impressed by simple actions
With no words,
Like simple strungs
Of guitar chords.
I am to some a bad memory,
That tries to erase itself starting
From the edges and at the end
Will leave to say sorry.
I am held together by a thread 
And a little help of tape,
Everyday they remind me of the day that
taught me a lesson about fate. 
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