I Am


Eyeliner, masacara, eyeshadow,

Concealer, foundation;

All to take me away from me.


Which filter to choose?

How to cover up myself?

Maybe people will like me now.


20 likes, but I need more,

Will this make me good enough?


40 likes, I am still unhappy.

All I am doing is taking away my humanity.


Washing away the facade,

Seeing my true face,

Meeting the real me.


This act I put on,

These filters,

They do not make my personality shine through,

They continue to mask me away until I am nothing but a shell.



Rewind it all.

I am more than this.

I don't need to know what he thinks or what she thinks,

My face is but a fraction of who I am.


Replace the eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow

with love, compassion, and kindness.

Replace the concealer, foundation, and filters

with humor, loyalty, and honesty.

This is me.


I am no longer going to hide behind a face that is barely mine.

I am strong. 

I am loved. 

I am happy.

I am me.




This poem is about: 
Our world


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