I Am

Never was I confident

High fructose corn syrup excess led to obesity in all its sense

Crumbling of anything that is positive

I pulled my tools from negatives to work on me with conciousness

But my mind is forever bloated; my mentality is swayed

Despite a change in weight

The mirror is always at dismay

Broken as the cracked skin on this kid marred by acne at fifteen

On my face potholes, my wheels stuck, no progressing...

They say its the darkest nights that see the brightest days

Depression led to drive, to fight, and I find light today

I have grown up to be humble, honest, honored

My drive, determination, dedication turned me scholar

I am the most intelligent for I know nothing is what I know

The only thing that is certain is a flame inside my soul

I grew amongst the poor, they called us lower class

I stayed in class to have a chance at a life I never had

And that is what I will have

Confident in that? I Am



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