"I Am From"

Thu, 12/18/2014 - 11:10 -- KelsieG

“I Am From”

By: Kelsie


I am from the enormous city, Charlotte- Not actually IN the city, but close enough. The house on the end of the street. The highway crept behind, lock and key.


I am from playing on playgrounds, climbing trees, going on adventures and always scraping my knees. Barbies, “ThatSoRaven,” “KimPossible,” and “Full House,” we’re my likings. But I am always asleep. Those were the sightings I wished for over and over.


I am from grades and college is important, trouble-making and sound. But M.A.S.H., TicTacToe, and Christmas movies was what you found me doing. Spare time, spent sleeping and dreaming of Unicorns and Rainbows.


I am from Mechanics, Artist, Accountants and more. Interior Designing, Photographer, and Film is what I hope for and live to be. But college is still what I need.


I am from Cd players, Playstation one, and Nintendo 64. Mario series, Youtube, Family and so much more. I am from weirdness, laziness and laughter.

I am Kelsie; Me.



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