I Am...


United States
37° 44' 8.0592" N, 122° 10' 49.0116" W

I am a girl
who is trying to achieve
But get knocked down
When I get deceived
I'm honest
I'm truthful
I was dedicated
I don't wanna give up
Though my hopes you did
The truth often hurts
Especially when
The words that are spoken
Are saying the end
I am a girl
Who had high expectations
I would have gone to the moon and back
With full dedication
But the world you see
It's got a plan for me
Pushing me down as a test
Turning me into someone who is the best
At anything she tries
And even if she fails
She'll get back up again
Without prevail
I am a girl who is proud to say
That with the hardships coming everyday
I have the ones I love on my side
Helping me, teaching me
Keeping me alive
Because without these people,
What's my life really worth?
Alone, cold, laying in the dirt?
I am a girl
Who is often timid
Stepping into strange waters
The temperature is frigid
Overcoming obstacles
Leaping over walls
But because of Newton's Law of Gravity, I'll eventually fall
No worries though
I'll get back on my feet
And I'll keep walking
Along the concrete street
I am a girl
No, wait!
I am a woman!
I've come a long way but I just hope my end
Isn't arriving anytime soon
Cause like I mentioned before
I'm heading towards the moon


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