I Am From



I am from the east coast,

Where bipolar weather meets

A world of Americanized-Cameroonians.


I am from a family built on love and respect.

I am from “honor thy father and mother”

And all the other aunts and uncles that come with them.


I am from “It’s a hard knock life,”

Suck it up

And don’t spit it out

When it starts to get bitter.


I am from rice and stew…

Stew made with a hint of olive oil

And a fist-full of Africa.

I am from Maggi cubes and an abundance of pepper.

I am from 3 square meals.

I am from late-nights

Leading to Saturday mornings Ovaltine

And bread with butter.


I am from faith,

A product of mercy and grace.

I am from sleepless nights and tear-jerking days.


Glory be to God,

For I am from praying so hard

That my knees begin to buckle

And my stomach begins to churn

And my heart begins to tremble.


I am from angles chastising me

In envy of such genuine worship.

I am from inevitable sin and imperfection,

But it’s okay

Because I am from the power of eternal life

In the resurrection … Of Christ.



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