I Am This

this is air

something light and nonexistent

something forgettable

but incredibly necessary

this is something that we need

essential to breathe  

the one thing that we

may never even see

and this is how it goes

the world keeps on turning

and air is still some this

that floats in existence


and the world turns.


this is me

a small fragment of forever

the one in a billion

who continues to fight on

to make it farther along

in this life


and the world turns


but what so many overlook is

that my this

is pointless


and this is why I cry

this is why the pain I feel

never truly goes away

and I’m forced to accept

this is my debt

for living


and the world turns


but I’m not alone

like the air

so many pieces of the same

are forever scattered

blown away

never to stay

in our minds

forever we will remain unseen

but necessary

and even though

I am this

this is not me

and so the world turns


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