I Am From

                                             I Am From

                                                                       By Kayla Calderon

I am from democracy, from a flag that shows our states.

I am from celebrating those who fight for our lives and keep our country safe.

I am from sun, gators, and oranges;

Cows, beaches, and panthers.

I am from Rays, Bucs, and Lightnings.

From the lightning capital of the world.

I am from hockey to ice shows all in one place, with some cotton candy to shove in my face.

I am from beating a drum, rowing a boat and singing a song.

I am from a place that taught my Grandpa what he knows.

Sponsored by Nike and fierce Panthers proud.

I am from home run and match point right near my home.

I am from a house like vines in winter with the sun shining bright.

Yogurtology is pretty close, what a delicious delight.

I m from bark and meow, Cherokee chiefs, Hispanics of Ecuador, and sevichae.

Yo soy de un monton de chicas y un ninos pequenos

I am from a cousin like a brother and two Grandmas great.

From having a family gathering and having to wash plate, after plate, after plate.

I am from youth group, Sunday school, crosses, and service projects.

I am from Christian rap, hip-hop, rock, and worship.

And I am from a pastor for a dad.


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