I Am From


United States
33° 44' 48.4008" N, 84° 18' 53.1252" W
United States
33° 44' 48.4008" N, 84° 18' 53.1252" W

I am from pony tails and tangled curls,

From detangle spray and broken brushes.

I am from my only home, N. Glendale dr.

Four houses from the dead end.

I am from the big dipper, evening walks, and bike rides.

From side walk chalk and hula hoops,

I am from the gravel drive way,

The rocks poke my bare feet like needles.


I am from education,

From good grades and high achievements.

I am from speed tests, stars,

Spelling words and Spanish homework.


I am from baby blue walls, dolphins,

Little bear and yellow blanket.

From my door cracked just an inch,

The glow from the hall a moon.

I am from the fresh sent of laundry, candles, and vanilla.

From Daddy’s cooking on his rare days off.

I am from the cool crisp air that flows through the open windows,

From Mommy’s warm gentle hugs.


I am from “Two wrongs don’t make a right.” And “Girls, find something to do!”

From “Jillian Rose!” and “1, 2, 3!”

I am from “It’s o.k. to cry” and “Sweet dreams”.

From “Do you want fries with that?” and “Holy Cow!”

I am from Go Fish, Winnie the Pooh, and You Are My Sunshine.

From spinning in circles in the living room

With Amanda till our hands SMACK!

I am from painting on a single paper for hours,

From spending time with my dog Sienna, my best friend,

Until a tumor took her away.


I am from bucket loads of prayer, and church on Sunday mornings,

From Primetime, valuable lessons, and doughnuts after service.

I am from believing in what I can’t see, faith,

From never letting go of my dreams, hope.

I am from memories, good and bad,

From thick photo albums that I enjoy looking through.

I am from a long branch off my family tree,

From a dream to make that tree even greater.


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