I Am...

I am

a hardworker, holding jobs, getting good grades, reading to stay educated.

I help friends and neighbors when I can, I am a shoulder to lean on,

a tissue to wipe away tears on.

I am

a teenager, a young mother, a tiny ball of stress,

but I am NOT a stereotype, I am NOT a drop out, I am NOT lazy.

To judge by what you see on TV, by what you assume, by what media tells you,

that is vile, that is rude.

I am

my own person, making positive decisions, setting goals, getting ahead in life.

I am NOT giving up, I will NEVER give up, I will ALWAYS be

proud of how far I've come, how well my son is growing.

He is

my motivation to succeed, to try, to try with all my might.

So here I am, going to college, graduating top of my class, holding a steady job,

still going good with my son's father, being an involved mother, and doing everything in

my power to raise him well and give him a good life.

I am

NOT a stereotype. I will NEVER be that stereotype.

Because I have a person who means more to me than the world

and I will succeed for him, always.

I am

A mother.



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