I Am From

Mon, 12/09/2013 - 00:30 -- Brilamz



I am from a small town

where everyone

knows everything

I am from

father daughter dances in the winter

and fishing in the spring

I am from one biological brother

that brought two others with him

I am from

shopping in North Conway

and having books read to me at night

I am not from money

but my family is wealthy with other things

I am from

A crazy, loving memere

and a heart shaped necklace

I am from

A strong, loving nana

and two elephant figurines

I am from

Pepere’s omelets

Grampa Jim’s jokes

and “Mommy

tell me about Grandpa Bob.”

I am from

Sleepovers with Auntie

teasing Uncle Skip

I am from

Sign language with Uncle Timmy

“Can you teach me how to say this?”

I am from

Uncle Mikes “colors book”

Praying for him late at night

I am from Old pictures of Uncle Bruce

Drew looks just like him

I am from

A strong independent Aunt

who taught me to be myself

I am from

crazy Uncle Dean

who taught me to live in the moment

I am from the Lamoureux’s

and the Landry’s

I am from my red hair

I am from the qualities I was born with

and the ones that were taught to me

I’m from plenty of people that aren’t family

but feel like they are

I’m from love

I’m from dreams

I’m from my family, friends

and myself.


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