I am not what you think I am

I am not what I think I am

I am what I think you think I am


I am a teenage girl with many secrets

I am pretty and smart

I am loud most of the time,

And quiet when I want to be


I am an animal loving, Chevy riding kind of girl

I eat fast food, sweets, seafood, and more

I love gum, passing notes, and drinking tea

I love my mom, family, friends, and angels


I am a videogaming, football loving, hunting, church going girl.

My friends call me little and I know I am smart

I enjoy watching food network and many movies

I make weird food combinations and crazy designs


I am a cash loving fearless girl

Who is tougher than a ford, I am a Chevy

I love duct tape, colorful things, smiles, and pizza

I do crazy things, as you can see

I have lots of fun in the sun, as well as the rain


I am obsessed with hears, wings, and flames

I am inspired to make others happy

I love hunting, talking, writing, and watching movies

I have fun and love salty things

I drink Folgers, tea, mocha’s, and cappuccino’s


I am obsessed with Disney movies

And like Shrek, tangled, toy story and more.

I can overachieve when I try hard

I like drinking bubble tea with my aunt

I like blue lips and pink tongues


I am what I see, I am what you see

I watch t.v., eat a lot, and play sports

I am not a girly girl, I am country

My favorite number is twenty-one

I have many dreams, and want to be free

I love fireworks, playdough, and marching band

I eat goldfish and get along with little kids

I loved living on the beach and

I keep my thoughts to myself


I am all these things and more

I go to school to escape

I listen to music to be free

I watch t.v. for alternate reality

I color and read to go to a fantasy world

And help keep my cool


I am as quiet as a mouse, but as loud as can be


I am what I am that’s all I can be



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