I am from

I am from Clarksville, Tennessee

Where the summers are hot 

But the winters are not.


I am from Minglewood Elementary

Where I learned the word water

And had become someone’s step-daughter.


I am from Liberty Elementary

Where I obsessed over One Direction

And Obama somehow won the election.


I am from New Providence Middle

Where we all thought we were cool

But were not truly ready for high school.


I am from West Creek High

Where I began to learn who I was

And started to accept my flaws.


I am from Northwest High

Where I have lost many friendships

But the memories were endless.


I am from my successes

Where I began to float a little high

And let the memories swoop by.


I am from my mistakes

Where I broke someone’s heart

But have humbled myself and learned to do my part.


I am from myself,

Because no matter where you are from

You always have the opportunity to overcome.

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