I Am...

I am dreamy and imaginative.

I wonder where colors come from.

I hear the paints softly hum.

I see my paintbrush slowly make smooth and gentle strokes.

I want to know if this will turn out right.

I am dreamy and imaginative.

I pretend I am the canvas.

I feel the smooth colors swim through my fingers.

I stare at the canvas as though it's an empty box, ready to be filled.

I worry if this will even turn out.

I allow the sorrow to overtake me because it's not what I want.

I am still dreamy and imaginative.

I understand nothing is perfect.

I say your life is a painting, things can't be undone but you can start over.

I ponder new ideas.

I hope I can start over, so I do.

Fresh and clean. 

I am dreamy and imaginative.


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