I am

I am Abigail Charlize Diaz

I am 17 years old 

I am very bold

Or so I've been told

I am in JROTC

I am in theatre arts

I am in wrestling

I am aggressive , yet disciplined

I am strong, but also sensitive

Some claim I have no sympathy

But that's because they don't know the real me

I can break

I have been broken

I just haven't spoken

There are those who smile

But I refuse to be in denial

Life is but an unfair trial

I'm not pestimistic

I'm just realistic

I'm not mean

Just very defensive

I'm not violent

Just very protective

But one thing I will never be is very submissive

When it comes to my feelings I choose to be dimissive

I will no longer hide in a cave

This time I'm being brave

I do have a heart 

I'm just afraid we'll one day part

I have a brain

And with that there is so much more to gain

And it won't be pain

The world is dark

But it is no match for my bite or my bark

I'm no tower

But I will not cower

Because I have power

I have a voice

And from now on I will use it by choice

I am Abigail Charlize Diaz

This is me

And as you can see

I'm not what you expected me to be



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