I am

Dear Lover, 

I am not a puppy or a little plaything you can choose because you think I am cute, 

I am not a creature you can punish for not behaving how you would like me to,

You can not abandon me simply because you have grown tired of my same old tricks every day,

You can not neglect me due to the mere fact you do not feel up to the task of handling me,

I am a young lady and should be treated as such. 


Dear Lover,

I am not a snowglobe or a shiny new toy you can put on a shelf to display,

I am not here for looks and I certainly am not a collectible to be put out with the dozens of others,

You can not shake me up just because you are bored and lack any other form of entertainment,

You can not bring me out to impress your friends and family at social gatherings,

I am an intelligent young woman and should be treated as such.


Dear Lover,

I am not the old high school yearbook you have hidden at the back of your closet,

I am not some object you can dust off and bring out when you are in the mood to look back on your past and reminisce,

You can not bury me under the other past belongings you have that you pull out when you want to feel young again,

You can not forget about me for years and bring me back into your life due to the fact you are alone and miss how life used to be,

I am a strong and independent woman and should be treated as such.


Dear Lover, 

I am beautiful, confident, intelligent, powerful, independent, strong, honest, assertive, vibrant, and optimistic,

I am positive I will be better off without you and the grief you put me through,

I am not weak, arrogant, whiny, cowardly, foolish, overly emotional, rude, or narrow minded,

I am not the names you would call me to make yourself feel like a man,

I am a strong willed individual who can make it without you in my life.

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