I am From

Mon, 09/30/2013 - 16:59 -- mjafer

I'm from the capital of oil producing place

I'm from where people live in actual homes and not caves

I'm from a country where back then was peace and felt like peac

I'm from a place where dates, oranges and raranges fild the trees


I'm from a big family that one of my great grand father was and still a legendary

I'm from a family of Nour, Fatima, Sughra and Assra and yet to come

I'm from a family that always have pillow fights in the morning,

fruit eating before breakfest and story telling before homework is done


I'm from a place where my kind represents the "never give up," and "No matter what pain you gain,

it's just on less painful step closer to happiness"

I'm from a place where I believe in 3 prophets and one God

I'm from a place where half of its people believe in the real religion

and the other half just make things up as they go


I'm from a family who loves to eat rice, bread and herbs

I'm from a memorie that one of my family member tried to kill me

I'm from a memorie the my fortune telling came true

I'm from a memorie wher i almost died at birth with my mom too


I'm from a plce where ther was no snow

I'm from a place where the dust bowl occure

I'm from a place where people work and move on like any human would

I'm from a place where people prey to God everyday


I'm from a kind who like to read

I'm from a kind who likes to dance

I'm from a kind to explore and learn the best that she can.

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