I am spontaneous and skeptical

I wonder how spontaneous is reckless

I hear melodies in everything

I see adventures waiting to happen

I am spontaneous and skeptical


I feel excited when I think about adventure

I touch on every possibility

I worry however that something may go wrong

I cry when I can't escape

I am spontaneous and skeptical


I understand I can take a lot of energy to be around

I say a lot of brutally honest things

I dream about a lot of unrealistic futures

I try to stay grounded

I hope that all my adventures help me fall into place


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Tyesha Riley

Donna Hayden

October 24, 2016

A Stranger I Used to Love

Once upon a time I knew every line

To every love song I could find

Love would not be defeated

Not through space

Nor through time

Someone somewhere was longing to be mine

How could I be so blind.

We all stand in line

Waiting for our moment

Our time to redefine

Redefine our individual selves

To create

You and I

Together forever, another time

Try to leave your hurt behind  

know.. it is only in your mind

If he is kind, you will have the same mind

Everyone is not kind

But only time can teach you

To see beyond the movie screens

To find the man of your dreams

To see the world with clarity

Someone somewhere


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