I am


14015 Salem
United States
42° 23' 14.3556" N, 83° 17' 5.622" W

i am from basketball   from yelling coaches and sweat filled jerseys I am from the hard working blocks   decent houses, expensive cars, polluted airI am from the giant trees    the smell of new cut grass on the sidewalks   I am from large christmas parties and enormous amounts of food   from Guydia and Mekesha I’m from the long nights of staying up all night while family is around    and the cooking all night, the day before a holidaysfrom cleaning my room and do your homeworkI’m from stand up for yourself no matter what   If someone bothers you, stand up for yourself and never allow them to bully youIn my head, there were pictures of dreams and fears   long scary nights, of trying to cope with my flaws   but motivating & re-dedicating myself past that   and not stopping til i feel happyI am from Detroit   where so many people settle for the block and become drug addicts   i refuse to be in that place   and i promise myself, that i will make my dreams come true.

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