I Am...

I am the result of higher thinking.
The God I serve sits on a throne
In a heaven
Far past the sky and stars
That we see─so why?
Why would I only reach that far
Knowing I have a Father who is just waiting for me to take His hand.
That is a request that I refuse to deny.
Because I am a child of the king!
The most high.
Therefore I strive
To keep my eyes on the prize
Yes, that one that stretches interminably beyond the skies
And stars.
And my obedience to this point has gotten me this far.
I am not perfect.
No I am not much and this is clear.
I keep my eyes and hands stretched up to heaven
And a good Word at my ear
That way I can walk in darkness with nothing to fear.
Indeed, I did say darkness.
The world of my surroundings has increased in chaos
And is decorated with the heartless.
For they are the norm.
We have accepted our storms
and it has left us torn.
And without argument to repair.
Like castles with no royalty.
The earthly thrones and royal quarters now afforded to
Fake kings and queens
True leaders should sit there.
It's forgery
the way the sign their names on the lines of our leadership roles.
The way their lifestyle has become "goals".
That's why I am striving.
Striving toward new life and abundance.
Our world is dying and
as the nation becomes young
We are the ones
with the key to its regeneration.
We have to unlock the Spirit in us,
In order to unlock our nations potential
But we cannot succeed without faith in God on the list of our credentials.
I am willing.
Willing to try to make a change with or without the support
Of Drake
Lil Wayne
Fetty Wap
or Two Chains
Because the way I see it we are not one in the same.
I choose to make myself a witness of Christ's unmoving love.
I want to let the world know.
Not practice for him.
Not pop it for him.
Not come his way,
Or be his big booty hoe.
That's the life I've chosen to live.
I am her who will forgive, love, let be, give
and let go.
I am honored to wear Christ over all of my flaws
and be a woman who makes the word bow
at the sight of my cause─which is Him.
I am...HIM
Because He is in me.
A daughter of the most high.
I am royalty.

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